Belt Promotions & Black Belt Excellence Programs 

are designed for our youth & adult martial artist. The programs instill discipline, develop self-confidence & self-esteem, & place students on the direct track to obtaining their black belt & to black belt excellence.

Olympic Style Boxing Training is available for clients of all ages. Whether your interest is in competing in the Ring or just wanting to get in great shape, Warriors Den has the answer. Our facility is fully equipped with Boxing ring, heavy bags, speed bags, reflexology bags & much more!

Streetwize Kids Programs are specifically designed for our youth ages 5 - 12. This program teaches our youth "Real Streetwise" self-defense that works! Students learn Ju-Jutsu, an effective art for smaller statured people to control a bigger, more aggressive assailant.

WARRIORS DEN Where Champions Are Made

Warriors Den is home of World Games Champions, International Champions, National Champions, V3 Fighting Champions, WDFC Champions, NAGA Champions, C4 Fighting Champions....... 

Warriors Den - is "Where Champions Are Made" 

Grappling & Juijitsu Programs also offered. Japanese Ju-Jutsu, BJJ, Judo, Submissions, tapouts, takedowns as well as Wrestling is taught in this program. This is a Non-striking class. Athletes compete in NAGA - North American Grappling Association.

Warriors Den is host of the Warriors Den Fighting Championships - W.D.F.C. 

W.D.F.C. is an exciting event that brings the sport of MMA & Kickboxing to the Dickson, TN area. WDFC is a show with youth martial arts demonstrations. It brings together many talented athletes from across the country! The next WDFC Championships will be November 18th, 2017. You don't want to miss it! 

Muay Thai Kickboxing Training is available for clients of all ages. Members at Warriors Den train in Muay Thai Kickboxing not only in competition in the ring or cage but also as a means of getting in great shape, reduce stress, & to have fun.

Programs & Services

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Mixed Martial Arts MMA is a specialized program to get you in great shape via our Cardio MMA programs. It prepares athletes aspiring to be in the ring or octagon for just that! Members learn the standup / striking arts; takes downs & throws as well as submissions. 

Traditional Martial Arts Classes are available. We offer Lil Dragons Classes for 3 - 5 year old preschoolers, Youth Samurai Classes for 5 - 12 year olds as well as classes for Teens & Adults. Karate, weapons, self-defense are one of the many things a student will learn in this program. 

Personal training sessions are offerred by owners Jose & Mary Rodriguez & the Warriors Den Coaching Staff. Take advantage of their over 45 years of combined fitness training. If you are willing to put in the work, Warriors Den will get you results period!